Custom Illustrations

Etienne Art is dedicated to creating new illustrations for private car owners, magazines or companies. I was lucky enough to work on more than 350 custom artwork projects so far. I’m the artist to go to for personalized unique drawings of your vehicles.

You can ask for anything and we’ll create a unique layout together. You can choose any illustration sizes, have one, two or three car views, a background or the emblem of the car, anything.

All illustrations are made with my unique mixed technique of hand and digital sketching. You will receive a prenium quality print at the chosen illustration size.

Design projects

If you have a design or a restoration project in mind, I can help you figure it out. A design illustration is the best way to visualize a new concept car or restorations on your car. We work together to choose all the best design options and visualize them with sketches and color illustrations.

I have a lot of experience on car design projects, I can really guide you towards awesome ideas. I can work on your exterior body or your entire car interior.

If you have any project in mind, contact me as soon as possible to discuss how we can work together. There is a solution for all budget