This page presents comments from various clients about their experience with Etienne Art

Louie Yannitsadis , Pontiac Lemans 1970

Holy crap! Etienne these are freaking unreal dude!!!! AWESOME!

Your work is amazing!


Barry Wolk

I must say that it has been a pleasure working with Etienne. I came up with a concept of setting our '50s toys in an environment that was real in my mind. I envisioned a scene in which we were building our home, out in the country, with a lake as a backdrop. He sent me a couple of concept drawings, which I heartily approved.

Many of the Royal Spartanette travel trailers, in the '50s, were towed out to where people were building their homesteads. They lived in them during construction and stashed them as guest quarters when they moved into the house.

I think he captured my vision, exactly. When asked if I was pleased, I responded, "Pardon my French, that is fucking awesome.

Ron Edekenbos, Dodge Charger 1966 ''Big Sugar''

It's been A 40 year dream for me to finally own a Hobby Car that I can drive Just for Shear Pleasure, and not have to rely on it for daily transportation. When I first saw Etienne's work showing up on a Dodge Charger Forum, I contacted him with a Request to do something a little different. I had commissioned Etienne to draw the basic layout and then I would have him draw in a custom stripe that would be designed by the Members of the 66/67charger forum I'm involved in. Well Etienne was happy to take part. The Drawing did add a bit more time to his standard drawings but the end result was more than I expected, I have to say it was a lot of fun working with Etienne thru this. I will definitely be working with Etienne again!  

Thank you again Etienne.
Just wanted to comment on what a wonderful job you have been doing with BIG SUGAR'S 1966 Charger. You have incredible vision, and a real talent. Your work really captures the attention of the viewer. My hat's off to ya lad!


Gary Goforth, Supra 1989

When I read Etienne's offer for a custom piece of artwork I was concerned that the process would be difficult and eventually I would not be satisfied with the outcome.  However, I was wrong on both concerns.  Taking a few pictures of my car was extremely easy and that was the most difficult part of the transaction.  Etienne made the entire transaction effortless and very, very successful.  I couldn't be more pleased with the custom picture of my Supra.  Based upon my experience I would recommend my friends, family members or anyone that loves their car to turn it into a custom piece of artwork.

Ryan Leonard

Ever since I discovered Etienne's website, I have wanted to get a drawing made of my own project vehicle- my 1975 Elite. Instead of just having a drawing made of the actual car, I wanted a drawing made of how the car will look when I have completed the restoration and cosmetic work, as well as with new wheels and wider tires. This is what I would call Etienne's specialty. I sent him a few photos of Elites from various angles, a picture of the wheels I want, and told him how I plan to modify the exterior and paint the car. Within a couple of days , I received an email containing a quick sketch of my car and how I wanted it oriented on the paper. It looked great! I gave Etienne the go-ahead to finish the drawing, and a few days later I got a snapshot of the finished product in my email. Outstanding! Exactly what I wanted, and yet, much more! I was thrilled about how beautiful the car looks that it gets me even more excited about finishing the project! All it took was a few emails and photos, and Etienne was able to pull the image of how I want my car to look right from my own mind and put it down on paper. I received the bright, perfectly straight original 11x14-inch drawing in the mail, and I couldn't be happier with it. The price for this piece was only $125, plus postage. With all the personal attention, amazing talent, and quick service, I consider Mr. Carignan's work to easily be the most value-for-the-money in the world of automotive artwork!

Patrick Rooney, Porsche 911 1972

I was sent to Etienne a few months ago about doing a drawing of my car. I saw his work at a car show in Pa. USA. He got some shots of the car we talked of concept and asked for a few more. shortly after he sent me an e-mail with the sketch of the car. It was stunning. When the drawing same up on the screen it was as if You were in my head Etienne. All we had spoke of and more Simply Great. I will finish another project car soon and and i will look to you for another fantastic job.
Thanks again,