√Čtienne Carignan

Industrial Designer and illustrator

Canadian based designer and illustrator. I have a passion for sketching vehicles, and pretty much anything that goes through my mind. Art has always taken a very important place in my life and it brought me into design school. I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Design from University of Montreal. Since, I've been lucky enough to work in amazing consumer product design consultancy firms and product manufacturers in Canada and Australia as well as working on my own personal projects to create fascinating and dashing products.


As an illustrator, I specialize in realistic vehicle artworks. I always experiment new mediums to create art that is more and more convincing. My technique has evolved over the years and with new technologies I`m now using only a digital tablet to create my handmade automotive illustrations. Paper has been replaced by an LCD screen I can draw directly onto, but every line is still carefully felt and created by my fingertips. Art is an always evolving talent and my level of details and accuracy keep getting better and better!

My creation process begins with photographic researches to find accurate historical references to base my work. I then go on with a series of free hand sketches to get the feel of the model vehicle and try different perspective angles to find the perfect one that would capture all the special details of each model. Once my illustration layout is set, I go on with a more refine outline sketch, carefully correcting myself and getting the vehicle proportions and details as perfect as possible. An extensive coloring session follows to get first off the car body color in and all the details afterwards.

My illustration company, Etienne Art, aspires to offer each client an exceptional experience in creating a personalized illustration of their vehicle. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to be involved in more than 350 car illustration projects and see my work featured in magazines such as Playboy, newspaper and blog articles as well as in many North-American art exhibitions. My goal and dedication is to always create unique and timeless automotive artworks.

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